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Does milk of magnesia treat acne?

January 22nd, 2010

If you are taking a look at acne treatments, then you have more than just one option to go in for. Yet another addition to the list of acne treatments is milk of magnesia. This substance has been considered as a potential cure to acne for quite some time now. But does it really help you get rid of acne? Let us find out.

Milk of magnesia is a hydroxide of magnesium and works as a laxative. This substance can play a significant role in treating your acne. Milk of magnesia works on the primary cause of acne i.e. excessive sebum. Being an alkaline substance, it regulates the amount of sebum present on the skin surface and makes your skin shine free.

Since the amount of sebum on the skin surface is considerably reduces, the chances of clogging of skin pores is also minimized. As a result, milk of magnesia controls your skin condition helps prevents future breakouts.

Further on, milk of magnesia works as antibacterial ingredient too. It destroys the causative organisms known as P acnes and limits their growth. This not just helps treat acne but also reduces the inflammation that is commonly accompanied with acne.

Using milk of magnesia for treating acne is pretty simple. Simple apply this on a cotton ball and swipe it across your face. You could also use milk of magnesia as a cleanser. Use it to wash your face and the wash your face with plain water. Some people also prefer to use milk of magnesia as a makeup base.

Milk of magnesia does have some effect in treating acne but it is not as effective. It may not help you get rid of your acne completely. It is for this reason that experts suggesting using more reliable acne treatments such as the Exposed Acne Treatment System as compared to milk of magnesia. You can contact Exposed customer support to know more about the product.

But if you still want to use milk of magnesia, make sure that you use it with other acne treatment products.

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